Brooklyn, Ohio

  • Start times are self-directed, but your day will typically start between 3AM-7AM.
  • You will pick up your truck and trailer from our parking facility which is on-site with our lease partner (allowing you easy access to fuel and maintenance).
  • You’ll deliver your first load of the day in the early morning hours of the day while avoiding any of the rush hour traffic.
  • Come back to the Ferrous Metal Processing plant and move to the front of the line (FMT trucks get preferential loading and unloading), get loaded, and then head back out for your second delivery.
  • All pick-ups and deliveries are within 60 miles of the home terminal.
  • After between 3 and 7 loads (depending on where you are picking up and delivering to), you will preload a load for the following mornings delivery and call it a day.
  • Your breaks, stops and lunch times during the day are also self-directed.
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