Iuka, Mississippi

  • Start times are self-directed, but typically range from between 3AM-7AM.
  • You’ll pick up your load from our FerrouSouth plant in Iuka, by live loading in our open pickup times.
  • You’ll deliver to one of our customers located throughout the Southeast (as far west as Texas, as far east as the Carolina’s, and as far north as Kentucky).
    • While you are expected to make overnight runs, you will normally be back at the terminal 3 nights during the week, and every weekend.
    • Your breaks, stops and lunch times during the day are also self-directed and at your discretion. You just need to hit the scheduled delivery times for the load.
  • After delivery you’ll pick-up a backhaul, and return to Iuka (most of the time freight will be a coil to bring to the plant).
  • When you return to Iuka you will preload for the following day whenever possible.
  • Although you will eventually go on dedicated runs, the expectation to start is that you will go where dispatched.
  • All trucks are maintained by a 3rd party lease provider with full service available to them (as well as loaner equipment if it is needed) so all you need to focus on is pick-up and delivery.
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